Digital genome of Moscow: who makes Moscow a digital city?

Digital genome of Moscow: who makes Moscow a digital city?

The speed of the digital economy is increasing and it leads to an exponential growth of the demand for technological staff who have the necessary skills and knowledge for developing, creating and entering to the market digital services. What is Moscow doing for preparing and engaging talented people in the technology business?
Talented youth are ready to team up and create technological projects. To increase the survival of such projects, it is important for startups to know the needs of the city and the business to which their development is directed. Is it enough new startup projects, formed by these talented guys, for the market? How to increase the growth of amount of startups? Which pleasant bonuses can big companies offer to young startups? How can business work with them?
In 2018 Moscow hosted the country's largest hackathon, which combined for the first time requests for new developments from business and city. Hackathon (as the format) showed that with the active work of corporations with startups, the proactive teams which are ready to create innovative products in the shortest possible time upon request of the business and which which a priori have an anchor customer in the form of city authorities or corporations are needed, but not new startups with the ideas. In 2018, 6 corporations and 5 EB have published their requests for innovations and received ready-made products for their needs.


Georgy Banchikov

Clouds technologies, SberCloud Partner Solutions Director

Nataliya Degtyareva

VTB Bank, Project Management Director, Information Technology Department

Eldar Fayzullin

IT Department Moscow, Head of PMO Innovations

Alexei Fursin

Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovations., Head

Dmitry Kurin

MTS, Head of MTS StartUp Hub

Olga Tarasova

Auchan, Digital Director

Oleg Teplov

VEB Innovation, CEO


Andrey Kulagin

The Agency of innovation of Moscow, Head of Department of coordination of project activities