AI Will Survive. Business betting on artificial intelligence

AI Will Survive. Business betting on artificial intelligence

Today man and machine are increasingly interacting in a more active and harmonious way. Artificial intelligence is rapidly entering all business areas, providing business, consumers and society as a whole with new opportunities. According to Gartner analysts, by 2025 digitization process will have paid off due to increased efficiency of decision making, applying new business models and building new customer experience with the help of AI. Integrating artificial intelligence can resolve the pressing issues society is facing in various spheres, and will allow companies enhance their competitiveness on the market in the long run. However, AI development can bear certain risks. Therefore, its practical implementation requires a more efficient control system.
Which opportunities and barriers exist on the AI market? How to fully fulfil its potential? What does business need to take into account applying this technology? What are the risks it bears? Can machine completely substitute man at work?


Edwin Diender

Huawei, Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Gary Fowler, GSD Venture, Co-Founder & CEO

Fabricio Granja

X5 Retail Group, CIO

Vladimir Urbanskiy

PostTech, CDO

Hans-Aloys Wischmann

Philips Research, Head of the Data Science and AI Center of Expertise


Oleg Byakhov

IBM, Government and Regulatory Affairs Executive