Edwin Diender

Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Huawei
Edwin Diender is a blue ocean strategist, thought leader and frequent speaker at events around the world. Adept on a range of subjects, from big data to safe and smart cities, to enterprise solutions. Edwin Diender ia the Winner of the MVP Award (Most Valuable Professional) in the Huawei Enterprise Business Group (2018). Initiated First Safe Then Smart, as a principle for safe city to smart city transformation (2016). Developed and launched Secure Converged Communications in Europe (2005). Pitched and sold one of the 1st IP-communications platforms 'As a Service' in the Dutch market (1998). Globally involved in several (government) initiatives and programs; scaling from small up to medium and large deployments. Providing insights to the value of digital transformation, bridging physical and digital economies and help create digital twins. Experienced in digital transformation and bringing to-market concepts and solutions for Smart City/Safe City and eGovernment, including Collaboration and AI-enabled Business Process, Big (Video) Data Analytics, and the Economics of Smart Cities.