Leonid Grigoryev

Associate professor, HSE
L. Grigoryev worked as an expert in the Economic reformation Commission firstly under USSR and later Russian Federation Government, He also took part in the composition of “500 days” – unrealized program of the transition from the planned USSR economy to market economy in order to overcome the economic crisis of 1990s. He worked as a Deputy of the Minister of Economy and Finance of Russia (1991-1992), adviser in the Russian Directorate of International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, was a head of the Bureau of Economic analysis (1997 – 2001), was the President of the “Energy and Finance Institute” Fund, the adviser of the Minister of Energy (2002), Chairman of the Board of Expert Institute, chairman of World Wide Fund Russia. In 1999 Leonid Grigoryev became a member of International and Defence policy Council. Since 2013 Leonid Grigoryev is the Chief Adviser to the Head of the Analytical centre for the Government of the Russian Federation. In June 2013 L.Grigoryev became a tenured professor of National Research University Higher School of Economics.